Immersed in the green resort "Buston" is located 30 km from the city of Tashkent, in the floodplain of rivers "Bozsu" and "Zach", at an altitude of 450 m above sea level, on the basis of established in 1928, rest homes, "10 Years of October." 

  Since 1994, the decision of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Uzbekistan Holiday reorganized into "Sanatorium Buston." 

On September  2021, a new state-of-the-art treatment department opened at the Boston Sanatorium.
The sanatorium is a modern institution for the treatment of cardiovascular, nervous, musculoskeletal, urological and gynecological diseases.
Here they carry out treatment with mineral water, mud, paraffin-ozocerite, electrotherapy, magnetotherapy, laser therapy, halomelotherapy, physiotherapy exercises, massage, diet therapy,
phytobar and oxygen cocktail. New methods include ozone therapy, tattoo wave therapy and cedar barrel treatment.

In connection with Covid-19, all staff serving holidaymakers in accordance with quarantine requirements have been tested for coronavirus and are undergoing regular medical examinations. The procedures are carried out in medical masks and gloves.
Vacationers are admitted to the sanatorium with a reaction to the coronavirus test (last 72 hours).

Types of rooms

The cost of  treatment includes subsequent services for patients. 


  1. Examination and observanion by a doctor
  2.  General blood and urine test
  3. One of the  mondatory biological tects 
  4. Electrocardiogram 
  5. Ultrasound diagnostics of  ( one organ)
  6. Specialist consultation  (En,t dentis,t urologis,t gynecologist, neurologisnt, cardiologist, ).


Hour supply of hot and cold water. Cable TV. Change of bed linen at least 1 in every 7 days. 

All rooms are equipped with TV, refrigerator, cooking utensils. Access mode for sanatorium books Holidays with animals is not provided. 

The first building of five floors, and accompanied by baths, kitchen, rooms for accommodation. 
The second and third storey housing, they are non-living.