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Dear compatriots!!!

The administration of Sanatorium Boston LLC reports that prices for sanatorium and resort vouchers have increased due to rising prices for food, utilities and monthly wages.

September 15, 2021

A new modern “Treatment Department” was opened, built by order of the Federation of Trade Unions of Uzbekistan.


Immersed in the green resort "Buston" is located 30 km from the city of Tashkent, in the floodplain of rivers "Bozsu" and "Zach", at an altitude of 450 m above sea level, on the basis of established in 1928, rest homes, "10 Years of October." 

  Since 1994, the decision of the Federation of Trade Unions of the Republic of Uzbekistan Holiday reorganized into "Sanatorium Buston." 


The resort has modern medical-diagnostic equipment for patients with cardiovascular, neurological, gynecological and locomotor diseases. Here are successfully applied balneotherapy, mud therapy, electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, laser therapy, galomeloterapiya, physiotherapy, massage, acupuncture, diet, herbal tea room and an oxygen cocktail. Of new therapies introduced Nordic walking, stone therapy. 

Patients have the opportunity to complete a survey on modern equipment. Experienced dentists will relieve you from toothache and can help to treat your teeth.




For leisure travelers in the resort are: winter club and an amphitheater with a built-in cascading waterfall, library, tennis court, table tennis, indoor pool. Of additional services organized and provides services and cosmetology "spa." Besides, there is the Eastern teahouse, photo services and free parking.

The sanatorium has its own subsidiary farm with 3 greenhouses, where lemons, strawberries, radishes and herbs are grown, as well as seedlings of flowers..