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Winter in a Sanatorium in Buston  





Dear compatriots!!!

The administration of Sanatorium Boston LLC reports that prices for sanatorium and resort vouchers have increased due to rising prices for food, utilities and monthly wages.



Today, the sanatorium hosted the grand opening of a new modern "Treatment building" built by order of  theTrade Unions Federation of Uzbekistan. The recently opened treatment department has a hydropathic complex, which includes: a cedar barrel, mineral and coral baths, underwater massage, galvanic baths, rain circular and rain shower. Diagnostics in the treatment department located in a modern 3-storey building that meets the world standards requirements: ultrasound, electrocardiography, electroencephalography, clinical and biochemical laboratory tests, treatment rooms are prepared for the procedures of vacationers with physiotherapy with high and low frequency electric current, electroencephalography, laser magnetotherapy, pulse wave therapy, lymphopressor, hydrography, hydrotherapy, hydroaeroionization, inhalation, ozone therapy, halotherapy, computerized vertebral extension, treatment with ozokerite, mud therapy, sounding the gallbladder, washing intestines  and many other procedures.


Dear compatriots !!!
The administration of Boston Sanatorium LLC said that prices for vouchers to sanatoriums increased due to the rise in prices for food products, utilities and monthly wages.




The life and work of the late poet Abdulla Aripov

Abdulla Aripov was born on March 21, 1941 in the village of Nekoz, Kasan district, Kashkadarya region. After graduating from high school with a gold medal in 1958, Aripov entered the Faculty of Journalism of the Tashkent National University, from which he graduated in 1963 with honors. "Young Guard" (1963-69), editor of the Publishing House of Literature and Art named after Gafur Gulam (1969-74), literary worker of the magazine "Eastern Star", head of department (1974-76), Uzbekistan.Literary Advisor to the Writers' Union (1976-82), Executive Secretary (1985-88), Executive Secretary of the Tashkent Regional Branch (1982-83), Editor of the Gulkhan magazine (1983-85), Chairman of the Union of Writers of Uzbekistan since 1996, currently Former chairman of the State Agency for Copyright Protection of the Republic of Uzbekistan.


FEMALE! It contains the joy of the whole world, the devotion of a friend, the zeal of embodiment. The holy woman rocks the cradle with one son and the world with one son. Celebrating the birthday of our sisters, queens of elegance, at a time when the world is shrouded in grace, brings joy and a special mood to hearts. Our respected mothers and sisters, who unite family and society, give it the light of life, bring blessings to the home and illuminate it with the light of love. Today in every corner of our planets - medicine, education, production, science, culture, entrepreneurship - in all this, our women work hard and selflessly to make a worthy contribution to the development of our society. As the President noted, their contribution to the great creative work to build a new life, a 


The administration of "Boston Sanatorium" LLC congratulates you and the members of the team you lead on the occasion of the Day of Medical Workers. May peace, family happiness, prosperity, good intentions and good deeds be your constant companions. May the Creator Himself support you in your selfless work for the prosperity of the country and the health of our people.

Boston Sanatorium LLC announces the start of operations on August 15, 2020. On hot summer days, what can you do to relax on the cool and healing trees of the Zak Canal? The sanatorium invites vacationers to improve their health without raising prices. You know our directions and methods of treatment, only special attention is paid to the recovery of patients with Covid-19 disease, while rehabilitation work is carried out on the recommendation of the World Health Organization.


The administration of Boston sanatorium LLC warmly welcomes you and the members of the team headed by you to the New Year, which is entering our country with great pleasure. Strong health, family happiness, peace-prosperity, abundance and festive mood should not leave you all year round.Create ways to give glory to your hearts, good intentions and good deedsganni let himself be close to you and bright. Happy holiday!


The Day of Medical Workers was celebrated in high spirits in our sanatorium.




Trudovoy Collective LLC «Buston Sanatorium» is working for the purpose of the work and maintenance activities of the 28-letiem Nezavisimosti. Jelayu vsgda byt v mire, semeynom schaste, blagopoluchii, dobro vole i dobryx delax, prazdnikax. Pust vash Thorvez xvit v.


The Republic widely celebrated  Kurbon Hayit - a holiday of kindness and well-being.




May 9 For veterans of the Second world war and the labor front in the sanatorium was organized a festive event dedicated to the day of Memory and honors, which was attended by employees of the sanatorium and students of Chirchik pedagogical Institute.





The training department of the Sanatorium and Resort Management Department On February 22 - 23, LLC “Sanatoriums Buston” organized an educational seminar on the improvement of cultural, educational and sports activities in sanatoriums. The work of head of clubs and librarians for 2018 was analyzed. And scheduled tasks for 2019




The health resort organized an event dedicated to the day of the Medical worker of the Republic of Uzbekistan, where the Director of the sanatorium Farida Akbarova sincerely congratulated the staff and read a holiday greeting of the Chairman of the Federation of trade unions of the Republic of Uzbekistan. For long-term work of all the workers of the resort were awarded with memorable gifts. For valiant labor doctor M. A. Yuldasheva and nurse S. S. Kasymova was awarded diplomas of the sanatorium and gifts of Spa management. Festive table, fun games, fun music and dancing lifted the mood.




In connection with the holiday of October 1 – the day of teachers and mentors on the initiative of the Federation of trade unions of Uzbekistan 50 teachers were given free vouchers to “Sanatorium Buston”. Teachers from different regions of the country have strengthened their health, and at the same time very interesting and fun hours of leisure. Concert programs, entertainment events, meetings and trips around Tashkent were organized.




August 7 in the "Sanatorium Buston" charitable society "Nuroniy" was organized by cultural and educational event in which the Deputy Chairman of the Republican Fund of support of veterans "Nuroniy" H. Mirzajonova presented gifts to the Fund for war veterans and labor front.
The event was attended by people's artist of Uzbekistan Ecub Akhmedov, folk hopes of Uzbekistan Hasan Rajabiy, people's artist of Uzbekistan Hayrulla Lutfullaev, people's artist of Uzbekistan Muhammadjon Shokirov, honored artist of Uzbekistan Gaybullo Kuladalli, poetess Gulchekhra Karimova, folklore – ethnographic ensemble "Bouiller" and a number of representatives of the Fund "Nuroniy»




1 June international children's day is widely celebrated in Uzbekistan.  This day was unforgettable for children of employees and vacationers of "Buston sanatorium". The concert program performed by the children themselves, gifts and ice cream gave children great joy.




The national holiday of may 9, the day of Memory and Honor, is widely celebrated in the Republic. In "Sanatorium Buston" also adequately met veterans of the labor front, who contributed to the victory during the Second world war.



Navruz is an ancient holiday of our people. A holiday of renewal, kindness, peace and prosperity.  Everywhere Nawruz is celebrated in a nationwide shot her. In "Sanatorium Buston" warmly welcomed this holiday and organized a celebration for the staff of the resort.



In our country widely celebrated the 80th anniversary of the First President of our country, an outstanding statesman and political figure, great son of the Uzbek people, Islam Karimov. In connection with this date for the tourists and employees in the sanatorium was organized a meeting with people's artist of Uzbekistan's Mukaddas Khalikov and honored artist of the Republic of Uzbekistan the RA'no Arosevoy.



January 14 – the Motherland defenders Day. This day was in the country a truly national holiday, which embodies such high civic qualities as patriotism, loyalty to the Motherland, courage and bravery that have always been inherent to our people today and in the years of independence, their importance in our lives especially increased.



Employees “Sanatorium Buston” joyfully and cheerfully greeted the new 2018. They joined in the year of active support entrepreneurship, innovative ideas and technology with a firm belief in the implementation of new plans and hopes


12 November in the Republic of Uzbekistan declared the day of medical worker. In connection with the festival Director of LLC “Sanatorium Buston” congratulated 13 medical workers among tourists and all the doctors, nurses and nurses working in the sanatorium. She received gifts and rewards.


On 1 October members of the nursing congratulated the teachers on their professional holiday - Day of Teachers and Mentors. Wished them health and success in their valiant work. Gave them bunches of flowers and also organized the concert.




August 28 was held a concert dedicated to the 26th anniversary of independence of our Republic. The concert included songs and poems glorifying our native land. Vivid performances lifted the mood.





June 1 international children's day in the sanatorium was held the feast where the children of staff and campers were themselves and were awarded with gifts.





In the sanatorium, therefore a day of "Memory and honor" for veterans of WWII and labor, as well as for vacationers organized a concert performed by the staff of the sanatorium and with the participation of talented singer Mirijad Mirkamilov and dance group "Uzbek-Raks".







8 - 9 April in the sanatorium was held the festive event devoted to the national holiday "Nowruz", which was attended by all employees of the sanatorium.