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The health resort organized an event dedicated to the day of the Medical worker of the Republic of Uzbekistan, where the Director of the sanatorium Farida Akbarova sincerely congratulated the staff and read a holiday greeting of the Chairman of the Federation of trade unions of the Republic of Uzbekistan. For long-term work of all the workers of the resort were awarded with memorable gifts. For valiant labor doctor M. A. Yuldasheva and nurse S. S. Kasymova was awarded diplomas of the sanatorium and gifts of Spa management. Festive table, fun games, fun music and dancing lifted the mood.




In connection with the holiday of October 1 – the day of teachers and mentors on the initiative of the Federation of trade unions of Uzbekistan 50 teachers were given free vouchers to “Sanatorium Buston”. Teachers from different regions of the country have strengthened their health, and at the same time very interesting and fun hours of leisure. Concert programs, entertainment events, meetings and trips around Tashkent were organized.




August 7 in the "Sanatorium Buston" charitable society "Nuroniy" was organized by cultural and educational event in which the Deputy Chairman of the Republican Fund of support of veterans "Nuroniy" H. Mirzajonova presented gifts to the Fund for war veterans and labor front.
The event was attended by people's artist of Uzbekistan Ecub Akhmedov, folk hopes of Uzbekistan Hasan Rajabiy, people's artist of Uzbekistan Hayrulla Lutfullaev, people's artist of Uzbekistan Muhammadjon Shokirov, honored artist of Uzbekistan Gaybullo Kuladalli, poetess Gulchekhra Karimova, folklore – ethnographic ensemble "Bouiller" and a number of representatives of the Fund "Nuroniy»




1 June international children's day is widely celebrated in Uzbekistan.  This day was unforgettable for children of employees and vacationers of "Buston sanatorium". The concert program performed by the children themselves, gifts and ice cream gave children great joy.




The national holiday of may 9, the day of Memory and Honor, is widely celebrated in the Republic. In "Sanatorium Buston" also adequately met veterans of the labor front, who contributed to the victory during the Second world war.



Navruz is an ancient holiday of our people. A holiday of renewal, kindness, peace and prosperity.  Everywhere Nawruz is celebrated in a nationwide shot her. In "Sanatorium Buston" warmly welcomed this holiday and organized a celebration for the staff of the resort.



In our country widely celebrated the 80th anniversary of the First President of our country, an outstanding statesman and political figure, great son of the Uzbek people, Islam Karimov. In connection with this date for the tourists and employees in the sanatorium was organized a meeting with people's artist of Uzbekistan's Mukaddas Khalikov and honored artist of the Republic of Uzbekistan the RA'no Arosevoy.



January 14 – the Motherland defenders Day. This day was in the country a truly national holiday, which embodies such high civic qualities as patriotism, loyalty to the Motherland, courage and bravery that have always been inherent to our people today and in the years of independence, their importance in our lives especially increased.



Employees “Sanatorium Buston” joyfully and cheerfully greeted the new 2018. They joined in the year of active support entrepreneurship, innovative ideas and technology with a firm belief in the implementation of new plans and hopes


12 November in the Republic of Uzbekistan declared the day of medical worker. In connection with the festival Director of LLC “Sanatorium Buston” congratulated 13 medical workers among tourists and all the doctors, nurses and nurses working in the sanatorium. She received gifts and rewards.


On 1 October members of the nursing congratulated the teachers on their professional holiday - Day of Teachers and Mentors. Wished them health and success in their valiant work. Gave them bunches of flowers and also organized the concert.




August 28 was held a concert dedicated to the 26th anniversary of independence of our Republic. The concert included songs and poems glorifying our native land. Vivid performances lifted the mood.





June 1 international children's day in the sanatorium was held the feast where the children of staff and campers were themselves and were awarded with gifts.





In the sanatorium, therefore a day of "Memory and honor" for veterans of WWII and labor, as well as for vacationers organized a concert performed by the staff of the sanatorium and with the participation of talented singer Mirijad Mirkamilov and dance group "Uzbek-Raks".







8 - 9 April in the sanatorium was held the festive event devoted to the national holiday "Nowruz", which was attended by all employees of the sanatorium.




In these days of the Republic are cultural and educational events dedicated to our great ancestors 576 anniversary from the birthday of Alisher Navoi and 534 of the anniversary of Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur.
In LLC “Sanatorium Buston” event was held on the creativity of Alisher Navoi and Zahiriddin Muhammad Babur. The works of A. Navoi and Babur glorify humanity, goodness, peace and justice. They are relevant to this day, they enjoyed reading the young, paying tribute to the literary skills of the authors.


25 - January 31, officers and guests of the sanatorium held the birthday of the first President of the Republic of Uzbekistan Islam Karimov dedicated to his memory.





30 Dec for the employees of the sanatorium was organized a festive event “Hello New year”. The event was organized with the participation of famous singer Tashpulat Matkarimov and staff of the sanatorium.




In the sanatorium was organized a literary evening devoted to the 80 anniversary of the birthday of the national poet Erkin Vohidov.



The Republic widely celebrated 24th anniversary of the adoption of the Constitution of the Republic of Uzbekistan. In the sanatorium organized discussions and a concert.


At the nursing home is a 395 - polling station, which has 894 voters. On the site were created all conditions for carrying out this political action at the highest level.




"Young specialists" IV Republican Forum
In sanatorium the IV Republican Forum of "Young specialists" was held from August 22 to August 24. T. Narbayeva, the chairman of Central Office of SDM of Uzbekistan of "Kamolot" B. Ganiyev, the Chairman of Trade and production chamber of Uzbekistan A. Shaykhov took part in it the chairman the Federation Council of labor unions of Uzbekistan. 
Within two days it was organized display of creative works of youth, the presentation of the innovative ideas, cultural and educational actions. For the third day for participants of a forum the trip on sights of the city of Tashkent was organized.


12 may in the resort was held an event dedicated to the international day of nurses. In the event the nurses showed interesting moments in the life of the sanatorium "Buston show".



Honoring the memory of ancestors, the manifestation of special respect and attention to the older generation which has made a worthy contribution to peace and development of the country, are for us one of national values. Day of memory and glory is widely celebrated throughout the Republic also embodies these noble principles. At the initiative of the Council of Federation of trade unions held the action "trade Unions to veterans". In the framework of continuing the care of the older generation in spas provides free recreation for veterans. In the sanatorium "Buston" also came the veterans. The health resort has all conditions for recreation and pleasant leisure.



11 may 10 veterans of work living not far from the resort underwent a medical examination in sanatorium.




For veterans of the labor front organized a concert performed by the staff of the sanatorium.





Events have been held at the chess and checkers among veterans.




Held Watch of spirituality and talks on the theme "Your life an example for us", the "Peace and harmony – bedrock of the country's development and welfare of the people", "the Life of our ancestors and their achievements – the image of a spiritual feat".




For veterans of the labor front organized a trip to the State Museum of Temurids history and the Museum of memory of repression victims.





2 - day. 13.03.2016

On the territory of the sanatorium there is a cleaning service. Leveled a large area in the forest area and cleared of rocks and tree roots. Cleared trails and removed debris.



1 - day. 12.03.2016

In connection with the announcement of a national hashar in the "Sanatorium Buston" was organized work on improvement and gardening of the territory, erected a new garden. Planted rose bushes, rose hips and seedlings of fruit and ornamental trees.




 The campaign "Unions for women" in the sanatorium Buston


12 - day. 12.03.2016

To leave bright impressions about the sanatorium Buston, a concert was organized for women in the performance of sanatorium employees.



11 - day. 11.03.2016

Gynecologist sanatorium S. S. Quvvatov during the conversation explained the significance of modern medical device "Colposcopy", which yields good results at medical examination of women. Women received answers to their questions.



10 - day. 10.03.2016

For formation of healthy lifestyle and popularization of sports in the sanatorium were organized sport competitions between women.



9 - day. 09.03.2016

Psychologist sanatorium N.Nuriddinova conducted psychological games and trainings.



8 - day. 08.03.2016

In order to organize full leisure women held a concert with the participation of Boned siddikova and Doston Hatamova.



7 - day. 07.03.2016

Was interviewed on the topic: Outstanding people of Uzbekistan".



6 - day. 06.03.2016

Conversing with women the psychologist N. Nuriddinova helped women to correctly identify the situation.



5 - day. 05.03.2016

Were held tournaments on chess and draughts.



4 - day. 04.03.2016

The Council of the Federation of trade unions of the Republic of Uzbekistan hosted an event dedicated to women's day on 8 March. Women pozdravlyali the Deputy chief of sanatorium-resort management N.And.Nurmatov, labour veteran B. Baratov. A number of employees were awarded with valuable gifts for decent work. A concert performed by the Umid of Saharova, Masrour Usmanov, Bonu and Hilly Hamidova left a vivid impression on the resort and will be remembered.



3 - day. 03.03.2016

Was organized a creative meeting with poet S. Kurbon.



2 - day. 02.03.2016

As head of the club was organized educational event dedicated to the birthday of national poet of Uzbekistan Zulfiya.



1 - day. 01.03.2016

The Council of the Federation of trade unions of the Republic of Uzbekistan were given vouchers for 50 women. Women who arrived were warmly greeted, inspected it and assigned procedure, sakaeli with the terms and schedule established in the sanatorium.





For recreation and leisure in the resort pool is open with a beautiful view and with all facilities. Built in contemporary style the swimming pool has the following advantages:
The pool water is cleaned automatically round-the-clock; 
Heating system and winter allows to serve clients; 
Power shower and Jacuzzi from which the water is under tension massages the body; 
Specialist pool every day conducts classes in water gymnastics.
Welcome to the pool.